I write software, I code in C/C++, Swift, Java, Python, and Clojure. I use mainly Mac OS X and sometime Linux.

I enjoy travelling, cycling, and playing guitar.

I play poker, mostly 6-Max No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha online.

Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand

I am a FOSS guy, I don’t really care if you use any code or content from this site. You don’t need to ask for my permission, and you don’t need to give me any credit.

However, please do not use any photo you find on this site, whatever your reason might be, the answer is no.

If you need to contact me, drop me an email to jimmy at jimtkm dot com. I cannot promise you will get a reply from me, but I will try.

If you need my public key, you can get it at keybase.io.