Every year I had almost the same resolutions, things like less beer, sleep more, workout regularly, drink more water and so on. Not really working for me, specially the beer part.

This year, I have only 3 in my personal list;

  • Workout regularly - I will try to workout 4-5 times each week, run more, ride more.
  • Take more photos - I want to take more photo, more meaningful photos, not just snapshot.
  • Learn a new language - Learn something, Japanese, Thai or Vietnamese. Just learn somethng.

And for my geek list;

  • Emacs as my only editor - I been using VI since 90s, recently I got hooked on org-mode
  • Redesign jimtkm.com - Need to switch this to Jekyll, need collection for photosets.
  • Stop using platform-dependent apps - Apps like OmniFocus, Day One, and such. Any apps that I can’t use while on other platform (Linux/BSD), I need to stop using all these.
  • Transfer all domains out of GoDaddy - Elephant killer?

That’s my resolutions, happy 2016 people!